Liana Saakiyan, 16, Tel Aviv
Liana immigrated from Moscow in early 2000. She studied at High School A in Tel Aviv and loved to draw, listen to music and dance.
The principal of Lianas school recalled that Liana had been a very talented artist and had made friends quickly at school.
A few months after coming to Israel, Liana went swimming with a friend at a Tel Aviv beach. Suddenly, a large wave swept them into deeper water. The girls cried for help but no one heard them. Lianas friend could no longer hold out and drowned. Another large wave brought Liana back to shore. Miraculously, she was saved.
On the morning of the Dolphinarium bombing, Liana did not feel well and stayed home from school. She convinced her friend Tania to come to her house and study together for a math test the following week. The girls studied for a few hours and since Liana felt better, they decided to go out to dance.This time there was no miracle to save her.


Anya Kazachov, 16, Holon
Anya immigrated to Israel in 1999 with her family from Komsomolsk, Ukraine. Anya, who was a talented artist, studied at Shevah Mofet High School and majored in computer-aided design. She adored animals and dreamed of swimming with the dolphins in the Gulf of Eilat. A dolphin is engraved on her tombstone. A month before she was killed, Anya began planning how she would celebrate her 16th birthday. She decided to have a small party with her friends. After her death, friends and teachers gathered, and instead of the birthday party Anya had planned, they commemorated her death.


Raisa Nemirovsky, 15, Netanya
Raisa immigrated to Israel with her mother in 1995 from Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan. She studied at ORT-Leibowitz in Netanya.
On the day of the terror attack, Raisa spoke with a friend Maria Tagilchev and decided to go to a party in Tel Aviv.The girls knew it was Ladies night at the Dolphy, and the free entrance convinced them to go to the Tel Aviv disco for the first time in their lives.

While standing in line at the entrance to the club, Raisa and Maria talked by phone with another friend, Ira, who decided to stay in Netanya. They told her there was a long line at the entrance, and they were considering calling the whole thing off and returning home. At that moment, the terrorist blew himself up.


Simona Rodin, 18, Holon
Simona immigrated to Israel from Vilna, Lithuania in 1987. She studied at Ankori High School and was very interested in fashion. She loved to hike, dance and listen to music. On the morning of the terror attack, Simona went to school to take her pre-matriculation exam in literature. She spent two months studying for the test and had not gone out much during that time, spending all her free time studying. In the last year, she started to take her studies very seriously and improved her grades. At 12:30 that afternoon, she received her grade 86. Simona was thrilled and decided that after two months of intense study, she deserved a night out on the town.
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