Palestinian Education: Schools for hate

Palestinian children are taught that suicide bombers should be viewed as highly admired role models*

In total contrast to the Israeli educational system, which even in these terrible times of terror and murder continues to teach Israeli children the impORTance of tolerance and humanity, the Palestinian educational system preaches hatred and presents suicide bombers as the ideal role model, urging Palestinian children to go out and murder Jews.

Palestinian Authority textbooks ask rhetorical questions such as, Is it not clear why we must continue to fight and kill Jews and drive them off our land? We must carry out Jihad until our entire land is liberated.

On Palestinian television broadcasts, little boys and girls can be seen passionately proclaiming, I can see my fall, but I march on resolutely to my death.

A young girl calls out, I see my death and I am running toward it it is a heros death, and when she finishes, her teacher applauds her and says Bravo, bravo!

Groups of young children are shown marching in rows, led by their teacher, chanting, We are the suicide squad!

It goes without saying that this indoctrination runs completely counter to Palestinian commitments under the Oslo Agreements signed with Israel in 1993.

In that agreement, a special emphasis was placed on fostering peaceful relations between Israel and the Palestinians, and on ending Palestinian incitement against Israel in schools, the media and religious centers.

This illusion has been shattered. Incitement against Israel in the Palestinian media continues stronger than ever. The official educational system of the Palestinian Authority continues to poison the minds and souls of its students, teaching them to vehemently despise anything Israeli or Jewish.

Additionally, the mosques in the Palestinian Authority serve as hotbeds of hatred and indoctrination for the shahids, the so-called "martyrs". These mostly young men and women aged 16-24 are filled with religious fanaticism, armed with explosive belts wrapped around their bodies and sent to blow themselves up, taking as many Israeli civilians as possible men, women and children with them in the process. The extremist preachers in the mosques brainwash these youth to blindly believe thet they will receive their reward for this act in the next world.

One of the most horrific sights to watch is that of Palestinian families expressing their joy and satisfaction often handing out sweets and celebrating when they learn their children have become suicide martyrs. Few Palestinian families are willing to disassociate themselves from this chilling phenomenon. It should be noted that the families of the suicide bombers are generously rewarded by various extremist Islamic organizations and countries for their childrens actions.

*The following information is documented and can be viewed in full on the following four web sites and their publications: